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  GFA Software Technologies (former GFA-Systemtechnik) didn't develop the own innovative product GFA-Basic since June 2001 and the users wouldn't be informed about that in any kind. Since summer 2005 the mailinglist is also offline. The rest of the users wants to create a common basis. Now there is a new mailinglist available and every user can registrate for this list. We want to coordinate the activities on this place like a linklist, code examples and problem solving. Every active GFA-Basic user is welcome.
  • GFA-Basic 32 (GB32) for 32bit-Windows
  • GFA-Basic 16 for Windows 3.X
  • GFA-Basic for DOS
  • GFA-Basic for Atari ST
  • GFA-Basic for Amiga
At the moment we make no differance to the GFA-Basic versions, but if there will be higher activities we will surely do this. Publish this site with links and give stuff to make this to an interesting site.

Published 10/21/2005
Last update 10/21/2005
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